Venezia. . .It’s a Wrap. . .or is it?



Despite what you might hear, “It’s always flooded,” “The water is so dirty,” “I hear it’s sinking,” the Venice I’ve come to know and love is a joy to behold.  The magic that hangs in the area is the mist of centuries of hard work, glamour, and indescribable beauty.   It is city at risk. . .from cruise ships and passengers, from AirBnB, from immense popularity, from foreign investors.

Now at home, although our luggage is not (expected today?? ), we are basking in the glow of a new love affair and the eagerness to make it last.  Before our trip, la mia amica Donna asked, “Will this become a yearly thing?” and at the time I think I answered something like, “No, we’re just going back because Don was so envious of me going last year.”

FAKE NEWS.  We will return.  Perhaps on the tail end of a trip to Croatia, perhaps post-Barcelona, perhaps any time we find ourselves on that side of the Atlantic.  We love it that much that we are willing to make a wide detour to visit.

So as I like to do at the end of a journey, on my final blog, is to include any “outtakes ” that didn’t fit elsewhere.  Here’s the collection. . .


Tango on. . .



La maschera called to me, but she is still in Venice.  Perhaps I’ll find her next time and bring her to Quakertown to live amongst the Coca-Cola girls in our house.



Vaporetto views intrigue me.  Who lived here?  Did they have kids?  What was their life?  Who designed such intricate beauty? How long did it take to create that balcony?


An exquisitely yummy yarn shop. . .my purchases. . .and the dream of finishing a sweater which I’ll wear next time I visit. . .




The floor of Maria del Salute.  WHO MAKES THIS STUFF UP?  I am continually baffled by the artisanship.

Masks, masks, more masks, each one a creative endeavor, each one made by an artisan.


Venice from the rooftop.. . .What is the history of these buildings along the Grand Canal?  What international trade deals financed them?  Will current international trade deals place them in the hands of foreign investors?

We are often asked, and were asked on this trip by new friends Paolo and Katerina, “Where is your favorite place in the world?” and we always scratch our heads because each place we’ve visited holds a special memory, an energetic heart tug, and a smile. If you were to ask me my favorite CITY (but really, Venice is just a large, spread out village), I would immediately say, “Venice.”  I’m not an easy sell; it’s taken me three trips here to totally commit, but as a 50-year marriage can attest, once I’m in, I’m IN!!

Venezia, ti voglio bene!

And so, that’s the wrap for this trip.  Next up, China.  But there will be no blog and no Facebook; there’s spotty internet and Facebook is not allowed.  So we will #Enjoy Respect, just as Venice has taught us, indeed as all travel has taught us: to immerse ourselves, even if only for a short time, in the culture and expectations of that land.


(Could this be our old VW bus??!!)



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