North to South


It was time to say goodbye to Rifugio Goruppu and our new friends there and head south to Calgliari.

Our first stop was the amazing Nauraghe Losa with three round vaulted rooms , and a perfect spiral staircase leading to the upper level. Before coming to Sardinia we had never even heard of nauraghe, but now we have an understanding that these structures were from the Bronze Age and built with basalt from about 1600-1200 BC. The buildings were multi-purpose and used for communication between settlements, agricultural purposes, and tombs. There is no written record of the people but let me tell you, these structures are a marvel of engineering and this one with its domed roofs is indescribable in complexity. How did they move the stones?? Aliens or giants (FAKE NEWS!).

It is the highest nauraghe in the area and was also the “nauraghe of the tombs,” referring to the cremation urns in one area.

Sulla strada di nuova–on the road again we headed to the amazing Sound Garden of Pinuccio Sciola in San Sperate. TripAdvisor describes it as this:

The SOUND GARDEN Pinuccio Sciola’s open air Museum, the “Sound Garden” is an open area filled with megalithic rocks and citrus fragrances… a timeless space which stimulates, magnifies, contemplates, all senses. In this “enchanted” garden, the guides take the visitors into a universe of new sounds created by the different types of stones and the way the artist worked on them. A way to savour and appreciate art, a cultural space in which, through creativity and respect, one can even take part in “playing the stones” and experience the ancestral sound left enclosed in the matter for thousands of years.

By running your fingernails over the cuts in the stones you produce beautiful musical tones. Don even managed to play Jingle Bells on one of the sculptures.

Onward to Caligliari and a new B&b in the middle of town. I promptly took a long nap, woke up in time for dinner, then went back to sleep.

Now I’m going to try to publish this blog because it’s been giving me agita and I want to get on to writing about our next magical day!

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  1. Love learning more about the nuraghe! You are definitely an educator, these blogs are fabulous along with the photos! Thanks my friend!

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