Wild, wild horses. . .


Sunday, November 3, our final full day in the land of enchantment, Sardinia. We were up and out early and as Dirk whisked us over the countryside and onto hilly, bumpy roads, he slowed the van just long enough to open his window and pluck a just ripe pomegranate for a morning treat.

Yes, these luscious fruits really DO grow on trees and not just in crates at the Giant supermarket around Christmas!

Driving through herds of goats, the tinkling bells, the smells, well, we looked at each other as we had done many times during this trip and said, “We’re not in Quakertown and Bally!!”

Onward and upward and we soon arrived at a place where Dirk simply wanted us to experience the SILENCE. What he didn’t prepare us for was another magical experience.

First, ancient stone remnants, and we guessed correctly that this ancient nauraghe was now used by shepherds.

We began to sense movement. Stillness pervaded as quietly and silently, the wild, wild horses began to approach. . .

The alpha stallion stood watch a few feet away. . . .a cow approached to share a drink. . .the horses met our gazes as we stood in awe. . .

The Secrets of Sardinia. . .

Dirk is the only tour operator who is allowed to bring his van into this area. Only one other bus tour brings folks close by,and they must get out and walk. Dirk applies for a special license yearly; the horses have gotten to know his van. In the dry summertime he brings them watermelons which they shyly approach but once they know the goodness of the moisture inside, they quickly devour them.

Even though we could barely “drag ourselves away” as the song goes, more adventure awaited us.

We were promised a “fairy garden” and what we got was a Hobbit-like burial site with multiple chambers inside. The rock covering the tomb was used for human remains, allowing animals to come and pick the bones clean, then a sacrifice and blood collected in the pool (now water) in which the bones were dipped and sanctified.

Wine tasting was next on the day’s agenda.

Their amazing cannonau wines became an instant favorite, and now I’m on the trail of their US distributor!

After the morning and early afternoon’s events, you’d think it was time to return to the B&B for a little R&R . Oh no, it was a Sunday in Italy and that invariably meant there was a festival in some little village somewhere.

The autumn festival in Gergei was everything a Sunday afternoon festival in Italy should be. . .food (ask us about the cheese samples some of us ate!!), families with small booths selling their wares, roasted chestnuts. . ..

And then came the. . .

RAIN!!! Not just a little bit. . .a DELUGE. We shared shelter with Luciano, the donkey.

OK, NOW it was time to go home, dry out a bit, and get ready for a seafood dinner, which, by the way, nearly knocked us over the edge with deliciousness and QUANTITY!!

After the antipasti of five different fish delicacies I could have been quite happily finished!

But NO. . .then came two pastas. . .

Then came two fish dishes. . .

Then came moaning and groaning as we begged to stop eating!!

WE SURRENDER!! Our delightful evening with Dirk and the lovely Lucia came to an end, we hugged Lucia “Arriverderci” with a promise on my part that my Italian would improve before we meet again.

(BTW, this blog comes to you from the kitchen table at 1270 Creekside as I enjoy the benefits of jet lag and early rising!!)

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  1. Welcome home! Could be a little dull after all you have experienced. Have you thought about becoming the US distributor for the wines you enjoyed? You could drink any overages.

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