Con Te Partirò. . .


. .. Time to say goodbye. . .to Sardegna, to Dirk, to the adventures which now will rest in our memories as some of the best moments of our lives.

Monday, November. 4–With bags safely tucked into the Opel van, we set off for a walking tour of Calgliari, including views of the castle, the shopping area, and the cathedral. A special “chocolate coffee” whose name I can’t remember and who Dirk assured us would give us a BOMB of energy started the day. He was right.

With stories of the Masons, past and present, invaders, and history of the various parts of the city, we circumvented the outer walls of the castle, now with caper berries growing out of them!

The cathedral in Calgliari is among the most beautiful I’ve seen. Previous top honors have gone to the duomos (duomi??) in both Siena and Orvieto, but this one with the intricacies of carvings, carved ceilings, Spanish marble floor, small chambers, . . .well, there is simply an artisanal quality here that makes me want to return, sit inside, and soak it in.

With a bit of time for shopping, a pizza, and a last look at the city, we recounted the 10 days past and made a pact to return!

Alitalia awaited us, and all too soon we had to say “Arriverderci” which really means. . .we’ll see each other again!

And next time,Dirk, we will pay you at the BEGinning of the trip, so that when the credit card and/or machine doesn’t work, we will ferret out the snafu and pay you (currently working on it on the US end!!).

The goofy ads in the jetway made leaving a little bit easier. . .

Arriving back at FCO our challenge was to find the shuttle to Hotel Isola Sacra. Photos will help us remember where it is for the next time!

I felt like I was “coming home” when we arrived at the hotel. We’ve stayed here so many times over the years and have seen them change their name 3 times, but it’s always the same comfy and beautiful spot.

As we enjoyed an Aperol spritz and spuntini outside by the pool, knowing that once we returned to Pennsylvania there would be no more outdoor cocktails until 2020, we recounted the big and small moments.

A light dinner, an early night, not much sleep, an even earlier morning, and we were winging our way back to the US.

Sardegna, you’ve captivated us!!

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  1. What a wonderful vacation, full of people,art, food and beauty. I hope to go there sometime!
    You certainly did a great job of journaling and sharing your experiences! Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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