Secrets of Sardinia


In the planning stages for this trip, we blithely said, “Oh, let’s go to Sardinia. I hear it’s beautiful and there are great beach pictures on Facebook.” We were looking for somewhere to go after my week at il Sasso, and wanted to be home by November 5 so that we could get ready for friends Dave and Jayne arriving from Bristol on November 10.

Sardinia it was. Don discovered Secrets of Sardinia online and it seemed a good. . .no a GREAT . . .option that included transportation, accommodation, meals, admissions, at a price advertised as “less than you’d expect,” and that was true. Finally, a trip that we didn’t have to spend weeks researching before we went.

What we didn’t know we’d be getting was Dirk. . .the true font of all knowledge of this magical island. But more importantly, a genuine human being.

You know how sometimes you feel immediately at ease with a person? That’s how we felt with Dirk: this guys knows stuff, he speaks my language and others, he has it all together. We’re safe.

For 10 days he schlepped us up and down mountains, made 3-point turns on switchbacks, hiked us up rocky paths to see Jesus, led us into a cave, fed us food until we groaned and begged for no more, educated us on the history, culture, language, wine, customs, flora, fauna, animals, food, and the spirit of Sardinia.

“Where the h*&ll are we?” We kept saying. We knew we would never find these spots on our own.

No parking spots, an unexpected detour?! “Baaahhhstards,” became a standing joke as Dirk navigated byways not for the faint of heart.

Want to know a date, the background of an area, a bit of wine or food information? Dirk has the answer.

Our leader. . .our warrior!

A Renaissance man. . .”il capo”. . .our friend..

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