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One of us is going home and one of us is staying in Italy. I think you know which is which!!

We decided to spend our final night in Rome at the Golden Tulip, about10 minutes from the airport. We’ve stayed here many times before and have watched it evolve from Hotel Club Isola Sacra with a dinky lobby to an upscale, chic Italian hotel. I personally was pleased the last two times we were there to be “in their system,” and this time even recognized by our waiter, Luigi.


Artwork adorns the walls and pedestaled sculptures add a distinctive Italian flair to the lobbies.





The restaurant is outstanding and the breakfast sumptuous.


Hey, they’re not paying me to write this, but for those of you who always ask where we stay, this is it!! Golden Tulip Fiumicino

I suggest you book the superior room. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s my view from our balcony:


Don left on the 9 am shuttle. I stayed until check -out time at 12 and took a special shuttle.

And then it was time to wait, and wait. I knitted, I cleaned out my inbox, I cleaned out photos, I paced the arrivals terminal. I was waiting for. . .


Ode to Sophia


We take a girlfriend with us on every trip. In Italy, it’s Sophia. We’ve known her for about 6-7 years. She has the attributes of a good friend. . . There when you need her, gently makes suggestions, becomes insistent when she knows you’re off course, and can be quiet for long stretches of time.

She knows everything but never boasts. She’s been everywhere. . . Even in tiny alleyways, up farm lanes, and down long driveways.


Only occasionally does she become confused, which might look like this. . .


Or this. . .


But mostly she has been everywhere we want to go, even before we’ve been there!


Please meet our best friend and trusted traveling companion, Sophia!!!


March Fourth


Tutus and stilts and feathers. . .oh, my! Fuse with Basin Street rhythms, jazz, soul, gospel. . .well, it can only be the March Fourth Marching Band



Combine this spectacle of boot-thumpin’, gotta-move music amidst a gathering of friends who haven’t seen each other in way too long, well, it can only be a recipe for exuberance. Nancy, Gayle, Debb, Tom, Steve, Carol, Lynn, Wayne, Don, and I laughed, clapped, danced, ate, and drank our way through an evening at Bethlehem Steel Steel Stacks, which in itself is a treat for the senses.

Don and I first saw M4 at Musikfest 2012. In the outdoors venue they filled the night with their signature shenanigans including stilt-walkers, acrobats on the pole ( held by the stilt guys), amidst the pulsing jazz-rock-blues melodious cacophony of the drum line and brass players. We couldn’t figure out how that amount of energy could fit inside. It was a circus, to be sure, full of all their best elements.

They’ve got a strong social conscience. With donations of time and money, they help support organizations and people near and dear to them. I, for one, like that a lot.

They are currently on their 2013 tour. Only if you want a memory that will make you smile, keep you happy, and want more of M4, find them and buy a ticket.


Building Community…in Lower Milford


Fourth Saturday in September, 11 years running, is the Lower Milford Township Fall Festival At the township building.  Amidst the hayrides, Duck Pond, sausage sandwiches, and bake sales is the ever popular SILENT AUCTION.

That’s where Weinberger’s been all this week, will be the remainder of the week, and could be found many days in June, July, and August.  A gargantuan task for sure, but one we community folks enjoy yearly.  Where else can you walk away with a gift basket, antique, or fun oddity for $2….or $200?

Using donated, once-loved items, my friend Shirley and I create gift baskets.  98 this year.

But that’s only part of the story.  Take a look at a few of the tables holding our additional 450+ donated items!!  Total items…somewhere pushing 600.

No township meetings here!  Only the Silent Auction, ready for Saturday.

No township meetings here! Only the Silent Auction, ready for Saturday.

Oh, yes, we have it all.  Take a little picture walk. . .

Did someone really have these in their home?!

Did someone really have these in their home?!

If it's gotta be fake, it might as well look good.

If it’s gotta be fake, it might as well look good.

Do you remember me wearing this?

Do you remember me wearing this?

Fishing Boy used to hang in Ben's room.  Con the partirò---Time to say goodbye.

Fishing Boy used to hang in between our two boy’s bedrooms.  Con te partirò—Time to say goodbye.

A peek at our Summertime corner.

A peek at our Summertime corner.

It’s life in rural America.  Nestled amongst corn fields, cold-water streams, and rolling hills, Lower Milford is truly the ” Jewel in the Crown” of Lehigh County.  Festival fun brings us together once a year.  C’mon out and play!