The Dows Document


To all friends and family of Michael and Martha Dows. . .1) They are fine even though you haven’t heard from them since they’ve been in New Zealand. 2) Their system of camera, camera card, off-name computer I’ve never heard of is giving them major agita, sucking up their time, and not allowing them to send photos.  3) I have been designated as official photographer and blog writer which they will plagiarize! (Alternative fact)

So. . .to catch all of you up, I will report and photo-document the past few days with them, featuring their inimitable wry and happy smiles.


Riding two chair lifts up to 6,000 feet on Mt. Ruapehu.  .or as Marty says,”Ru in the beginning, then APE,then HU at the end. “. Always the teacher, that one!



As Marty edged dangerously close to the edge of the ledge at Meads Wall, Mike declared, “You’re going to give me a heart attack!” He obligingly wedged himself into a crevice and proceeded to photograph her. . .close to the edge. What a guy!


“MIKE, did you put on your sunscreen?”  “Mike,how come I always have to carry the backpack?”  “Mike,did you hear me or you just going to lay there getting skin cancer?”


 I always follow the Dows’. . . Just shut up and follow!  (Alternative fact)


“What the heck, I thought I was getting AWAy from snow this winter!”


Mike’s rigid poles came in very handy while hiking to Silica Rapids.  But boys being boys, they had to show off the length and strength of said poles.  (Alternative fact!)


“Linda, put your chin up,” says Mike.  “Didn’t you ever grow?”


“My hair looks like a curtain,” says Marty.


If it’s ice cream, it’s got M&M written all over it.  How was that Hokey Pokey, Mike?


“Hey, that’s the one I caught!!”  (Alternative fact)


Happy spouses! (Alternative fact.. . .BIGLY!)


OMG. . .it’s our last morning together.  We’re we REALLY together for 6 days?!


But, OMG, if theres one last hike to do, count M&M IN!!


“Marty, you’re going to give us all heart attacks!” (True fact ala MD, husband)


OK, OK. . .let’s get one final, CALM shot before we go south and you guys go north.

So, to recap:  Matt and Andy, get your parents to simplify their travel  life and buy some Apple products so they can keep in touch with you.  I’ve cut them loose, they are without a personal photographer and documenter of their BIG(ly) adventures, and they are on the verge of committing plagiarism with wheresweinberger blogs.  Keep them safe and keep them sane!

I’ve known these people far too long (60 years) to see them crash and burn over emails and photos!!


Love you guys!  See you somewhere on the planet. . .maybe even Pennsylvania!!



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