Doors and more.. . 


Starting to wrap things up, as today is our final day here in Italy.   We are up early, having heard the myriad bird calls, roosters, and the local braying donkey here in our country house by the Monster Park.  In going back through photos, here are some that didn’t make it in to other blogs but seem worthy of mention.  I’ve collected quite a few “door” photos.

And then there were two sweet menu covers, not to be forgotten. . . 

The wood-burning oven and lower terrace at our country house in Bomarzo.  We imagined summer nights of friends sitting under the stars, eating pizza, just like in Gemma’s favorite pop-up book about Strega Nonna.  And we remember the best night ever, doing just that, at Donna and Joe’s.

Watching “Say Yes to the Dress” in Italian.  I even remembered that exact episode!!

Elina and Sergio’s cat who I found sleeping on my feet one night!  After I put her out once, she found her way back in through an open window.  SHE PERSISTED!!!

The pomegranate tree at our Bomarzo country house. . . 

And our hotel near the airport, the Golden Tulip.  Don has gone to return the car, so here’s a view from our balcony. . . 

We’ll have lunch and maybe even a dip in the pool.

Getting ready to say Arriverderci to Italy. . . But we still have a few hours remaining!

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  1. How lovely that you have shared your journey through the Italian countryside. It has been a pleasure to read about your adventures. The door photos are gorgeous and a very fitting end to this trip. Thank you for sharing your impressions of this beautiful country.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Ann. I hope we’ll be able to have lunch soon together in NY. When you can, I’d be interested in knowing more about the French boat trip you mentioned! Ciao!!

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